Navégalo SMS is a communication platform that allows you to keep in touch with customers, suppliers, staff, friends and family in a fast and effective way, at a lower cost than traditional media.

Fast and efficient

Send messages faster and more efficiently


Easy Scalability

Clients can purchase the plan that best suits their needs and easily upgrade as their business grows

Delivery reports

Detailed Message Delivery Reports

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Web to SMS

Web application that clients have exclusive access to, via their own username and password, to send SMS Text Messages in the most efficient, private and secure way.

From this same Web application, clients can create sending groups, upload their contact databases from an Excel or txt file, schedule campaign deliveries by dates and times and view a history of all campaigns sent.

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Emails SMS Navegalo

Email to SMS

This service allows the client to send an e-mail from an application or database with the required information inputs.

E-mails will be received by the Navégalo SMS server used exclusively for this purpose, and the system will automatically extract all the information contained in each e-mail, forming the SMS Text Message and sending them to the desired mobile phones.

Web Service

Integrate’s API into your existing platforms (CRMs, ERPs, Ticketing and Monitoring Systems, etc.) and watch your business grow with the ability to send SMS messages directly from these applications.

We provide robust, scalable and secure API’s that have been developed in-house to ensure a reliable and secure solution for your SMS messaging needs. Join thousands of customers using software powered by API’s.

Web Service Navegalo

Our SMS plans are very well priced and allow you to grow at your company’s pace

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